Investment Process

Our investment process is transparent and disciplined. We define three phases: identification, Evaluation and Investment.


We continuously identify and evaluate companies, which are brought to us through our established network. Within days we make a preliminary decision using our investment criteria.
Entrepreneurs come to us when they want to sell their businesses as part of a succession plan, or seeking capital to implement growth or consolidation strategies.
Managers come to us when planning a MBO or MBI, or if they want to sell a part of their company (e.g. spin-off, sale of subsidiary).

The goal of the evaluation phase is to understand the company and its environment correctly. What is the starting position, where is the potential for the future, what are the expectations of the seller, or the management, what are the risks? As we invest our own capital, we want to know exactly in what we invest. We conduct personal interviews with the decision-makers of the company and we carry out a due diligence. Where necessary, we bring in external experts and consultants. The Evaluation Phase usually takes 2 – 3 months.

The basis of our investment decision is the business plan for the future of the company, which finally is supported by both the management and us. The acquisition is financed from our own resources and those of our co-investors.

And after that?
The investment process is only a means to an end. Our real intention is the long-term development of the company as well as the sustained increase in corporate value. Unlike traditional private equity funds we have no time commitments and are therefore not forced to sell again a company.